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At YOMIyomi, children can experience performance art with abundant materials, cooking plays with fresh ingredients as well as storytime to explore their imagination. These distinct activities stimulate children's five senses and help to grow their intuition about objects and confidence in creative expression. It is a program that helps develop children's infinite potential, sensitivity, creativity, and expressiveness through diverse physical activities and experiential plays.

I never expected my Son Aiden to have so much fun at a Yomi Yomi class. He has a performance play session, the mess he made and the enjoyment he got was unimaginable. He was able to play to his heart’s content in a controlled environment.

our classes

Performance Play

Performance art is designed with a free and expressive teaching method to grow children's ability to express their ideas and feelings in big movements. This class is a perfect way to celebrate children's playfulness, creativity and open up their imagination..

Story Time Play

After they read, think about, and understand the contexts of fairy tales, children are encouraged to become the main characters of the stories by being introduced to the story room, where a set is created based off of the story. Children will be able to put themselves into the shoes of the characters in the stories, organize their thoughts systematically, and have logical thinking and problem solving experiences.

Cooking Play

Cooking play encourages the children to touch, explore and use numerous of kitchen tools to cook. Ingredient exploration allows children’s five senses to be naturally stimulated as they see, feel, smell, hear and taste their own dish. Children can grow the ability to apply skills and gain a sense of achievement.

Science Play

Science play will enhance the inquisitive mind. Science play encourages the children to touch, explore and use numerous aspects of Science especially in biology and phyiscis. This program is for older children who have already completed the basic and advanced programs and have the capacity to understand and demonstrate scientific knowlege.

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