Our Name

The name, "YOMIyomi," resembles the word “yummy”, which is a sound that children make when they are eating delicious foods. Yummy symbolizes happiness, and happiness of children is YOMIyomi greatest value.

​ At YOMIyomi, children are able to experience art in various ways: through sensory, imaginary, and project art. Students are able to build and explore their motor, social, art knowledge, expressiveness, critical, and creative thinking skills. YOMIyomi’s aim is to help develop children’s potential through diverse activities and experiential plays that leave a lasting impact on our students. They grow and learn, not only about art, but also about themselves.

Our Philosophy

We believe that children should:

  •    * learn about the world through experience (enactment) and play
  •    * gain a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem through weekly goals in class
  •    * use visual art as a form of language to express thoughts and feelings
​ ​

"Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul." -Friedrich Fröbel (1782~1852, Germany)

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  •    * lead self-expression by providing age-appropriate examples
  •    * give guidance to independent thinking
  •    * have fun play times to externalizing
  •    * provide freedom to express in flexible and customized classes
​ ​

Yomiyomi provides thoughtfully curated curriculum that is sensitive to all learning styles and needs of each child.It is our goal to have our students unfold their dreams and imagination at Yomiyomi.

Our Staff

Se Young Yim

  •    * Children's Art Instructor Certification - 2015
  •    * Children's Cook Instructor Certification - 2015
  •    * seyoungyim@yomiyomi.ca

Jungwon Park

  •    * Master of Art Education
  •    * Art Therapist (Certified in Korea)
  •    * Loves working with children and teaching them art

Lena Kim

  •    * Bachelor of Fine Arts at
        Chungnam National University
  •    * Performance art teacher, MUSEUM ART
  •    * Loves working with children.