We are now offering more YOMI with MOMMY classes!

Our program runs continously on a monthly basis (4 weeks). We offer several YOMI with MOMMY classes during the week. It is on Wednesdays, Thursday and Saturdays. Class Times are listed below

The program costs $80.00 tax included(price based on a 4 week schedule)

Our Program
YOMI with MOMMY classes are designed to focus on sensory play, and to nurture healthy attachments between mothers and their children.

If you are interested in being involved in this new program, contact us at (647) 924 7525 or (647) 643 7525, or email us at info@yomiyomi.ca.

Please note for this program, it is non refundable and there are no make up sessions.

Our Classes:
Time : Thursdays 10:30/11:30 am, and Saturdays at 10:00 am
Duration : 40 min
Teacher: Lena Kim
Payment: monthly
$80 (4 classes booked in advance) or $25 for one class (Drop In) Taxes are included
One of parents must be with a children. Also we can customize a personal class with 5 or more mom's. Ask us for details