our programs

We offer three programs that fit different age groups. Each programs have different mix of the classes provided: basic/advanced performance art, cooking, and story-time art. Each programs have different emphasis and learning goals for the students.

Sensory Art

  • Explore art through their five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hear
  • Engages in stimulating art activities that encourages examination and discovery
  • Builds motor and social skills

The Sensory Art program includes basic cooking classes that focus on play-based learning. Students are able to learn simple recipes, and explore the ingredients as an art medium.

Imaginary Art

  • Expands students’ imaginations through various interactive activities
  • Encourages students to be original and unique
  • Builds creative and critical thinking skills

The Imaginary Art program includes classes based on story time. Students are able to read various stories and are encouraged to immerse themselves in the context of the story. It also includes advanced cooking class that focus on hands on learning.

   Project Art
Art Map

  • Introduces basic drawing skills
  • Learn about different techniques and tools to use to create effective art pieces
  • Builds fine motor skills, exposure, and art knowledge

Studio Art

  • Expand their skills and unique styles in various art forms
  • Encourages depth in artistry
  • Builds fine motor skills, expressiveness, and creative thinking

*The Project Art program does not include basic or advanced cooking classes

Demo Lesson

It is Soo Ah's first day at Yomiyomi! Watch her play as she makes a beautiful tree and flowers bloom. Call us today!

Performance Art

Performance art is designed with a free and expressive teaching method to grow children's ability to express their ideas and feelings in big movements. It is a great way to stimulate the right brain activity, which is in charge of creative thinking as well as three dimensional and artistic senses. This class is a perfect way to celebrate children's playfulness, creativity and open up their imagination.


  •    * Expands their Imagination
  •    * Brings out their Creativity
  •    * Increases Social & Communication Skills
  •    * Builds Leadership and Cooperation

Cooking Art

Cooking play encourages the children to touch, explore and use numerous of kitchen tools to cook. Ingredient exploration allows children’s five senses to be naturally stimulated as they see, feel, smell, hear and taste their own dish. Children can grow the ability to apply skills and gain a sense of achievement. This class stimulates left-brain activity, which is in charge of controlling behaviours and analytical thinking.


  •    * Stimulate taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing
  •    * Finger play that promotes the coordination and improve general motor skills
  •    * Learn basic science and math skills
  •    * Improvements in concentration and observation
  •    * Help builds confidence from sense of achievement

Story-Time Art

After they read, think about, and understand the contexts of fairy tales, children are encouraged to become the main characters of the stories by being introduced to the story room, where a set is created based off of the story. Children will be able to put themselves into the shoes of the characters in the stories, organize their thoughts systematically, and have logical thinking and problem solving experiences. These story time plays stimulate left-brain activity and build the foundation of creative, logical and expressive thinking.


  •    * Direct exploration of fairy tales
  •    * Expands their Imagination
  •    * Brings out their Creativity
  •    * Cultivates logical thinking and problem solving skills through activities
  •    * Builds Leadership and Cooperation

Birthday Parties

Are you interested in celebrating your birthday in a CREATIVE and FUN-tastic way?
We guarantee that your child and their friends will have a blast in what YOMIyomi offers, varying from themed art classes, play, cooking, and so much more!
Every part of your child’s birthday will truly be a celebration!
We offer two birthday packages:

Package A - $300

  •    - Total Time 2.0 hours
  •    - Art Class (50 min)
  •    - Table Setting is included
  •    - Invitation Cards are included
  •    - Duration: 2.0 hours
       - *Must be booked 2 weeks in advanced to prepare for the materials

Package B - $375

  •    - Total Time 2.5 hours
  •    - Art Class 1 (40 min)
  •    - Art Class 2 (40 min)
  •    - Table Setting is included
  •    - Invitation Cards are included
  •    - Duration: 2.5 hours
       - *Must be booked 2 weeks in advanced to prepare for the materials. For Sunday bookings, call for availability.


  • The package price includes up to 10 children, including the host child. An additional charge of $25 will be placed for each additional child included. The maximum capacity for the birthday event is up to14 children.
  • he art classes may vary depending on the theme of the week.
  • Parents may come 30 minutes prior to set up for the event.
  • Bring towels, extra clothing, and comfortable shoes for your children to wear for the art classes.
For further inquiries, please contact us. We have additional options to cater to your needs and preferences.